RCH Spot Cash Register

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Spot is a practical and reliable solution for anybody looking for a complete but compact ECR.

A number of peripheral Reports also can therefore be connected simultaneously (external customer display, invoice printer, etc). The new Spot cash register is compact, elegant, extremely versatile and functional.

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RCH BILL Cash Register


Hardware Features


– Operator: Back-lit LCD, 2 lines of 16 alphanumeric characters, size 10 mm

– Customer: Back-lit LCD, 1 lines of 16 alphanumeric characters, size 15 mm .


– Standard keyboard with 38 configurable keys (max 45), waterproof.

– High resolution graphic termal printer

Paper roll: 57.5 +/- 0.5 mm, diametro da 50 mm.

High resolution: 80 mm/sec. – 8 dot/mm.

Printing system: Easy loading with manual cutter

Electronic Journal: Electronic, on RCH Multimedia Card, MMC


– 1 RS 232 serial port with RJ45 connector for PC and barcode reader

– 1 RJ11 connector for 12 V cash drawer

Cabinet: Compact equipped with compartment for cable disappearance

Sensor: paper out (roll finished), print head temperature, printer cover

Dimensions and weight: L222 P346 H112 mm – 2000 g

Power Supply: OUT 12Vdc/36W.

Software Features:

Customisable graphic functions: 24 characters per print line, store logo and greeting logo customisable with own graphic, 2 end of bill logos for use with promotional messages.

Departments and PLU: 5 standard keyboard departments, expandable to 10 with direct key recall, programmable LALOHALO. Up to 1.000 PLUs with numeric code (EAN/UPCA) and 12-character description


– Daily reports and period reports by department, VAT rate, PLU, hourly time bands

– Electronic journal reports: full report, report between dates, report between receipts by date

– Permanent summary memory reading: print or view and print, with full reading, reading between dates, between daily closures, between dates with total, sending content to PC.

– Permanent detail memory reading (DGFE): print and display on PC, print or display in print, with full reading, reading between dates, reading between document, sending data to PC.

Clerk management: Up to 4 clerks with login/logout, name and password

Other Features:

Change calculation, user friendly online help, recall of last total, programmable scrolling message, RCH protocol PC connection for use as fiscal printer.

Cancellation, item cancellation, receipt cancellation, return of goods, income, withdrawals, drawer opening, percentages +/- discounts and surcharges, closing totals (5), VAT management (7 rates + 6 natures), Courtesy receipt, Invoice on receipt.

Connections to PC: RCH Protocol