Customer Experience Management

Customers are your main asset. That is why it is not enough to provide good services.

SEDCO’s comprehensive customer experience management solutions provide convenient routes for your customers at all possible points of contact – before, during and after their visit – inside and outside the branch.

Your branches receive a constant flow of satisfied customers who will want to return. Your customers get the service they deserve in every interaction. And thanks to self-service solutions, you can expand your activities without overhead costs and guarantee your customers unlimited access to your services.

Our Products:

SG Solutions empowers enterprises to evolve into digital transformation experience, where businesses can offer convenient journeys to their customers even beyond the working hours through customer visit management and self-service solutions.

SEDCO’s Customer Visit Management (CVM), is a smart platform that includes, queue management system, digital signage, customer feedback system…..

Create a great digital experience between your business and customers, using 24/7 self-service machines without opening more branches….

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