Dell Notebook Power Bank Plus PW7015L

The Dell™ Power Companion lets you bring extra power with you, so you can be more productive.

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Dell Power Companion (18000mAh) PW7015L - Portable power for Dell Ultrabooks*, Notebooks* and tablets

Portable power for Dell Ultrabooks, Notebooks and tablets

The Dell Power Companion lets you bring extra power with you, so you can be more productive. This handy device powers select Dell Notebooks and Ultrabooks, as well as up to two smartphones, tablets or other USB-enabled devices. The Dell Power Companion is lightweight and compact, so you can stay powered on-the-go without adding bulk to your bag.

*The Dell Power Companion is compatible with select Dell computers only (with installation of latest BIOS update). Refer to compatibility section for further details.

Designed to charge devices during storage

This compact power solution fits seamlessly into your mobile lifestyle by fitting neatly into your laptop case or bag. The Dell Power Companion is designed to deliver in-bag charging, so your devices are charged when you need them. It’s also specifically designed to fit into the Dell Premier Backpack and Dell Premier Briefcases.

USB charging to power additional devices

The Dell Power Companion helps keep all your mobile devices charged and ready to go, including smartphones, tablets and more. Two USB charging ports let you simultaneously charge a pair of mobile devices in addition to your Dell notebook.

Dell Power Companion (18000mAh) PW7015L - USB charging to power additional devices

18,000 mAh battery provides reliable, powerful backup power

The compact and convenient Dell Power Companion features an 18,000 mAh six-cell battery that provides reliable power when you’re on the go and is easily charged using your Dell power adapter**. A five-segment LED clearly displays how much power is left, so you can plan accordingly.

**Please note that a Dell power adapter is required for charging the Power Companion (not included in the box).

What’s in the Box

Dell Power Companion (18,000 mAh)
2x Dell Notebook Charging Cables

Dell Power Companion (18000mAh) PW7015L - Redesigned around you

Redesigned around you

We’ve redesigned our adapters from end to end, so you can enjoy a more comfortable and consistent experience in everything you do.

Neatly wrapped cords and cables fit snugly around the adapter for less bulk in your bag.
The LED indicator lets you know it’s on, and makes it easy to find in a dimly lit space.
Up to 3X smaller than our previous models, and 30% less bulky than other leading adapters (including cables).
Every detail has been carefully considered – from soft, bendable cables to smooth, rounded corners.
The new Dell Slim Power Adapter family. Redesigned around you.

Dell Power Companion (18000mAh) PW7015L - Fit into tight spaces. Work in comfort

Fit into tight spaces. Work in comfort

This handy wall adapter attaches easily to your power adapter, enabling it to fit into crowded sockets and power strips.