The cost of cash management is staggering for all retailers. Counting, storing, reconciling and transporting all consume valuable staff time which could be better spent assisting to customer needs.

CashDro automates cash handling and provides visibility and control of cash inventory.

By adding CashDro to your point of sale, the cashier balancing is instantaneous and without any discrepancies whilst reducing the repetitive labour around cash management.  Cash automation significantly reduces the time staff spends on starting floats, note and coin counting as well as reconciliation.

Cash is always safe, losses of cash are avoided, counterfeit notes are rejected and exchange errors are eliminated. Several waiters can work with the same CashDro without having to make any cash counts.

SG Solutions are equipped to provide customers with all sizes and models of the CashDro depending on businesses’ specific needs.

CashDro 3 

CashDro 5

CashDro 6

CashDro 7

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