Self Service Devices

Ingenico’s iSelf series of unattended payment solutions includes a wide range of devices, from PIN pads to card and contactless readers. They meet the latest security and industry standards, allowing for easy integration of cashless payment acceptance in self-service kiosks. These flexible solutions are suited to many industries: from vending to transport, petrol or retail

iSelf Series

Easy unattended payment solutions for self-service businesses

The iSelf series includes modular payment acceptance devices and dedicated accessories to suit all self-service configurations. These modules are flexible, robust and user-friendly. With iSelf, accepting secure electronic payments from unattended self-service locations has never been easier.


Open/ Series

New open payment terminals designed for validators and gates

Open/1500 & Open/2500

>Powerful and scalable contactless modules to fit any transport projects
Part of new generation of unattended devices, the Open/1500 & Open/2500 offer the best of transport and payment worlds to meet all your open payment requirements.
Ingenico’s Open/1500 and Open/2500 belong to a new generation of unattended devices blending the best of the transport and payment worlds. Easily integrating into bus, station gates and turnstiles, these readers enable both closed-loop cards (Mifare®, Desfire®…) and the latest contactless payments including contactless tickets, mobiles or IoT.  The Open series meets both transport industry requirements in terms of speed and durability, and the highest payment security standards.

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