Ingenico Desktop Series

Designed for merchants to accept all payment means and the most innovative uses cases at the point of sales. The Ingenico Group’s Desktop terminals cover a variety of functionalities to offer unique consumer experiences at the counter. With limited footprints and high reliability, they can easily integrate and answer the most demanding needs for colour display, touch interface or consumer engagement capabilities.


The DESK3000 series is PCI-PTS 5.x certified, it fulfils the most stringent security requirements and protects cardholders’ data. The Desk/3000 offers a broad range of connectivity options, including Ethernet and modem, GPRS, 3G and dual SIM to ensure maximized network availability.


With Ingenico Desk/5000 desktop terminal, banks and acquirers can ensure their offer to merchants stands out through an enhanced user experience, optional business services and value-added services.The robust device is optimised to improve checkout times and can handle even the most demanding use cases, turning the point of sale into a point of service.No matter how difficult or demanding the use case, the Desk/5000 gets the job done.



The Desktop Series can be combined with the banking PIN Pad Desk/1000 series which comes in two variations. While Desk/1200 focuses on contactless capture and PIN entry, the Desk/1500 can accept all traditional payment methods.

Retail PinPads

Ingenico  retail range was drawn up to reduce the time spent at checkout and improve consumer engagement in the most demanding retail environments.

With their large colour touchscreens, intuitive interfaces and support for a wide spectrum of payment methods, Ingenico’s retail terminals are the best solutions to enhance the multilane checkout experience. Their design, stand pole and connectivity facilitate in-store integration.

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