RCH Wall E Cash Register

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The Wall E cash register system represents the perfect solution for businesses with limited space.  The Wall E is small in size without compromising on its great technical features.  It is user friendly, has an Electronic Journal on MMC and an Easyloading System to replace paper rolls.

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RCH BILL Cash Register


Hardware Features


  • Operator display: LCD backlight, 2 lines  of 20 alphanumeric characters.
  • Customer display: LCD backlight, 2 lines  of 20 alphanumeric characters.


  • Silicone keyboard with 32 keys (11 double keys, 3 keys with double functions).
  • Waterproof.


  • High resolutions graphic thermal printer.
  • Printing speed: 60mm/sec – 8 dots/mm.
  • Printing system: Easy loading with manual cutter.

Paper Roll:

  • Width 57.5mm +/- 0.5mm, diameter 50mm.


  • Electronic on RCH Multimedia Card.

Power Supply:

  • DC power supply, 7V / 24W.
  • Battery Pack (Optional).

Audit Journal:

  • Electronic journal on RCH Multimedia Card.


  • End paper sensors / open cover sensor / print head temperature.


  • 85 x 205 x 250 mm
  • Weight: 1220g

Software Features:

-5 departments on keyboard.

-100 PLU with numeric code, 12 descriptions characters.

-Daily reports and period reports by department, VAT Rate, PLU, Tender, Clerk.

-Electronic journal reports: full report, report between dates, report between receipts by date.

-Fiscal memory reading and print out.

-Void item, void receipt, returned items, drawer impulse, +/- percentages, discounts, add-on, 3 totals per closing, 6 VATs.

-EJ reading and download to PC.

-Operators management up to 4 login / log-out.